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Professionals face many critical crossroads in their careers, sometimes unpredictable, sometimes more expected, but for which they were often not truly prepared.

How to Be a Career Acrobat offers you a simple, easy-to-use framework to help make the most of any uncharted transition through following a four-stage process of Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging and Expanding. Drawing on examples of over 50 leaders interviewed all over the world, this course describes what provokes change, the challenges it creates as well as how to navigate and grow through transition.

With both compelling stories and rigorous research, How to Be a Career Acrobat serves as a call to exploit novel ways to approach careers and walks you through each step helping you prepare, manage, and make the most of your own change – ultimately leading to a more fulfilling career and life.

Learn to...

Describe the nature and characteristics of your personal career transitions to date and what led to these

Demonstrate the attributes of an agile and innovative 21st century working professional

Become more self-aware and recognize the opportunities and resources available to you for your career growth

Build lasting, meaningful and successful networks and professional connections

Recognize and launch successfully into new roles and responsibilities

Continually identify and expand capabilities for lasting professional growth

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Meet the instructors
Patrick Jones - Course author

Claire Harbour

If you were to ask my family members or my close childhood friends, they would almost certainly, down to the last, confirm that I was born a people person! Why? Because I have always been fascinated by what makes each of us tick, and how to get the very best out of everyone. My clumsy, sometimes intrusive childhood questions have grown up into deep, challenging adult explorations, and I will not be done until I have ensured that every human on this planet has the greatest chance of flourishing and being joyful, in both work and life.

My studies of language and culture at Cambridge, plus an MBA adventure at INSEAD, and my work across 4 continents, 17 countries, 8 languages in multiple sectors, functions and roles position me to support a broad range of clients through personal and organizational growth.

People choose to work with me because they find balance and insight in the wisdom that comes with experience and the fresh honesty that is my natural way. I see and express complex things simply, connect ideas, people and opportunities, find deeply creative angles on problems, and say what others do not dare to say.
Whether you have a challenge in your own or your organization’s growth, or you wish to discover the latest research in career or talent management; whether you want a dynamic speaker or leader to get your people’s creative juices flowing, or you just want to see complex things in a simpler way, I can help.

You only have to ask!
Patrick Jones - Course author

Antoine Tirard

Antoine Tirard is an international talent management advisor, leadership development facilitator and executive coach to large global organisations. He is the founder of NexTalent, a Paris-based consulting firm specialised in talent management, leadership development and human capital strategy.

He worked for 20 years in large global corporations in France, the US and Switzerland, most recently as Global Head of Talent Acquisition and Development at LVMH and Global Head of Talent, Learning and Organisation Development at Novartis. He also held leadership positions as VP of HR of the Novartis Animal Health and Eye Care businesses, HR director at Clifford Chance and HR Associate at L’Oréal.

Antoine is the author or co-author of numerous articles and books on talent. His most recent books include Disrupt Your Career: How to Navigate Uncharted Career Transitions and Thrive, with co-author Claire Harbour-Lyell and Révélez vos talents with co-authors Christopher James and José Miguel Sepulveda.

He is a regular guest lecturer at Institut Magellan and INSEAD, and speaks frequently at international HR and talent management conferences. Additionally, he is Senior Fellow in Human Capital at The Conference Board and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Antoine received an MBA from INSEAD and a master’s degree in human resources management from Paris Sorbonne University.

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