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Welcome to Career Acrobats! 

Courses designed to provide you with novel ways to transform, accelerate and kickstart your career by helping you better prepare, manage, and make the most of your career transitions – ultimately leading to a more fulfilling career and life. 

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Career Acrobat Courses

Join our Community of Career Acrobats!

The Career Acrobat Community is a place where you can compare notes, exchange ideas and pass on wisdom and support among peers. All the other learners from our courses are there and it is a safe, exclusive and private space for you to be as open as you wish.

Claire, Antoine and their team will be present in the background, to moderate the conversation as it goes on, and make appearances for “LIVE” events fortnightly and/or exceptionally.

They may sometimes bring in guests, and even offer occasional hotseat coaching within those “LIVE” times. Access is free and automatically available for the first six months from your purchase of our courses. Thereafter it is €15 per month or €150 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

How to be a Career Acrobat is designed for business executives and/or middle managers, at any stage of their career who:

  • Don’t really like what they do and wonder if they should/could switch
  • Are doing fine at work, but want to be prepared for changes that they may need or want to make in the future
  • Are actively in transition and exploring new options
  • Could continue to work but want to do something more meaningful
  • Don’t have time or money to spend on executive coaching but need help in managing their career

If you see yourself in any of the above statements, then this course will help you to transform, accelerate and/or kickstart your career!

How long does the course take?

If you are contemplating a career transition, our research shows us that you need to learn to slow down and take your time to create the vision of what you truly want!

There are seven modules in this course, and each module will take approximately two hours to complete (14 hours total). Each module is designed to be highly interactive, reflective and enable you to apply new learning directly into your personal context by leading you through our 4E’s Model of Career Navigation - Explore, Experiment, Engage and Expand.
Some people like to take their time, and others like to focus on areas of interest in more detail! Because there is no time limit for completing this course, you may revisit and engage in each module and the activities within as many times as you want!

As one of our successful participants said:

“At times I found I wanted to "speed" through things to get to the answer. Perhaps this is human nature? However, that’s not the way careers work or that we learn deeper about ourselves so I took my time with the course (about 30+ minutes a time) in order to contemplate the information and come back to the modules with a fresh perspective. I had to learn to pace myself. And, go back and refresh.”

What will I learn/do in the course?

In each module of learning, you’ll engage in interactive activities and exercises to explore and develop your career agility! We’ll help you recognize areas in your own life and career where you are thriving, and perhaps, where you need to do a little more work.

In each module on this course you’ll be encouraged to reflect upon your growth and next steps, through answering questions. At the end of each module, you’ll be able to download and save a copy of your reflections in a PDF Learning Journal.  No one else will have access to this PDF Learning Journal. It is yours to keep and is  designed to support your deeper critical thinking and engagement with this course. 

So far, we’ve interviewed over a hundred global leaders from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds. Based on our research, we have discovered six key personal attributes or resources which can impact your ability to thrive during change. We call these the 6C’s. As you navigate through this course, you will be supported to critically engage with these 6C’s - identify how and where they are present in your own career and develop strategies to nurture them.

In Module 1 and 7, we even offer you a unique opportunity to complete a 6 C’s diagnostic questionnaire which will enable to you identify and master the six imperative skills that career acrobats need in order to be agile and successfully navigate career transition - Commitment, Control, Curiosity, Change Agility, Connections, and Confidence.

How do I access the course?

After registering on our website and paying for the course, you’ll be able to access each of the modules, at your leisure, for the rest of your life!

The course has been optimised for use on iPad/Tablet and Computer, which means you may find it a little harder (but not impossible!) to read and complete all the activities on your iPhone/Smart Phone. We recommend you use a larger screen, in order to enjoy the full experience.

Check back in early 2022, as we’ll be launching our app – so you’ll be able to take your learning on your device with you anywhere!

Can I test the course out before buying it?

Absolutely! Not only do we offer a free course demo on our site, but you can also take a sneak preview at the 6 C’s diagnostic and complete this too, to gain a sense of your development in these key areas.
To access the 6C’s assessment,click here.

If you have questions and you’d like to learn more first, please reach out to a member of our team by emailing!
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